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Here's my current reel. Enjoy!

More awards and Asian Academy Creative Awards Nomination

Cheers! New nominations! The three nominations at the Golden Bell Awards 2022 for our National Geographic Series "Secrets of the Ocean Tribe" at this year´s turned to three awards! It also won the national award of the AACA and now is nominated at the Asian Academy Creative Awards for best documentary series. I shot the series and it took us all around the globe. Big hug to the entire team!


Commercials and corporate films and strange times

2022 I have shot the scenic footage for NBC for the Olympics in Beijng and a fun amount of commercials and docs.

Plus being locked up for two months in another lockdown.



End of 2021 is filled with lots of fun commercial shoots. For Porsche, BASF, Mercedes, etc. and for a fancy treadmill.

WeChat Image_20211202211255.jpg

National Geographic Channel: Extreme China 

I shot/directed another one for National Geographic Channel. It was the 44 mins Zhangjiajie Episode for the Extreme China series. It was extreme and fun!

WeChat Image_20211202210823.jpg
WeChat Image_20211202210829.jpg


Long story short, as the world is getting mad. I have been working in Europe as well in China. I have shot for a Discovery series, several commercial spots for Google, Himalaya and others. Furthermore for a BBC documentary series called "One cup, a thousand stories"  and a feature documentary for Arte about Chinese kids trying to be the next piano super stars. And loads of corprate projects. I also enjoyed two Chinese documentaries about German football culture and German fighter jets. More to come! 

WeChat Image_20210709110151.jpg
WeChat Image_20210709110013_edited.jpg

Music video: White Mantis - Cannibal State

Super fun side project I shot/directed. Enjoy the energy!

One Plus Ad

I shot/directed this ad for One Plus for their new phone and with Hannes Becker.


award white.jpg

We won with our world premiere!

Audience Award - Best Feature Film!

So happy! Thank you everyone!

World Premiere at the Visions du Reel Festival


Finally my documentary “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” has its world premiere at the Visions du Reel Festival in Nyon! Needless to say I am very happy. Because of the Corona madness, the festival is completely online. It will be screened on 29th of April starting 5pm Swiss time. Check it out! It will only be available for 24h and the seats are limited. It’s free!


National Geographic Channel

I really enjoyed shooting three documentaries for National Geographic. The shootings took us to amazing locations in Taiwan, Orchid island, Fiji, New Zealand, Chile/Easter island, Tonga, Philippines.  It was a great pleasure!


More projects...

It's a bit hard to keep my website updated since I have been shooting a lot.

Here are some exciting ones:

There were lots of commercials and brand films for clients such as Airbnb, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Google, JD, Meitu, WWF.

Furthermore I have shot a social media campaign for Nike with James Lebron and another one with Eddie Redmayne for Omega.

Not to forget: another feature documentary for Arte, called "the new black Gold".

...the camera keeps rolling.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 17.27.09.png

Wild Aid

Back with Angelababy, I have shot the latest Wildaid campaign.


Audi, Huawei

For the new cooperation between Audi and Huawei, I have DPed a fun commercial for their new phone.


2018 Half time

2018 keeps me slammed with work. The camera rolls and rolls. So far this year I have shot feature documentaries for Discovery Channel and NDR, commercial projects for Mercedes, BMW, VW, Volvo, Caterpillar, Merck and a worldwide Fiba campaign. I also DPed a fiction film for a Chinese streaming platform. Furthermore I am very grateful to hit a breakthrough in funding a big passion project of mine. More info coming soon.


Victoria's Secret

I was one of the few exclusive backstage DoPs for Victoria Secret. This year's show was in Shanghai. Girls, you were fabulous!!

TVCs, cooperate shootings

The second half of 2017 was also full of TVCs and cooperate shootings as well. The projects were indeed exciting! I have shot the latest Wildaid campaign, TVCs and cooperates for Google, Porsche, Mercedes, Airbnb, Intel, VW as well for the tourism board of Yangzhuo. Thanks to everyone!

"Opera Rebels" Documentary and others

"Da Zhai Men - The Grand Mansion Gate" is probably the most popular TV Series in China. The director Guo Baochang turned the series into a revolutionary Beijing Opera performance. I was glad to shoot and direct a 18 mins documentary about it and enter this dramatic and colorful world of Beijing Opera. This is a CICC production for international distribution. Furthermore I have shot stories for ABC, NBC, DW and a documentary about Chinese celebrity Hangeng becoming a professional racer.

Discovery Channel productions

I have been shooting two more 52 minutes documentaries for Discovery Channel. One for the "Impossible Build" Series, the other one for the "Fortune" Series.

First half of 2017

2017 is full of great projects. So far I had lots of commercial/cooperate shoots for Porsche, Mercedes, Ford to name a few. Furthermore I had several shootings for Lauren Greenfield's new documentary. For a shooting for Chaumet I had the pleasure to shoot with "Amelie" Audrey Tautou and spider girl Kirsten Dunst. I am also pleased to DP several commericial/cooperate projects for Google.

BBC Planet Earth 2

I feel honored to shoot for BBC Planet Earth 2! More infos coming soon.

I Here's our wrapping picture together with Jackie Chan!


2016 was a great year. I have been working on many exciting projects for Mercedes, Mercedes AMG, Alibaba, Lenovo, Thinkpad, SAP, Dr Dre's Beats, Fonterra, DFL, Tom Barefoot, Hui Yuan, Peninsula, Berlin Messe and documentaries for Discovery Channel, Red Bull, World Bank, TV5, NDR, MDR, ORF, ARD, Phoenix. I have also shot the Chinese fiction film "Le Solstice d'ete long".

最漫长的夏至 - "Le solstice d'ete long"

最漫长的夏至 - "Le solstice d'ete long", the Chinese fiction film just had its release on iqiyi a Chinese netflix.

Check it out here: LINK


I was the DP on many Mercedes projects this year. I have shot the Hong Kong episode of the "do you need a ride" campaign of Mercedes AMG, the launch of the new Mercedes L series, a cooperate with the CEOs of Mercedes China as well for the campaign for the new E-class.

Wild Aid - Angelababy

I have shot the current campaign of Wild Aid. The Chinese celebrity Angelababy raises her voice for the protection of the Pangolin. Here's a short making off of our shooting:

Lenovo, Thinkpad

I was the DP on several projects for Lenovo and Thinkpad. A film for their new S5 and a cooperate film for Lenovo Medical. Game on!

TVCs - Hui Yuan

Great experience! I was the DP for the big Chinese juice brand Hui Yuan, shooting their latest commercials. Cheers! Check out one of them:

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel shootings are always fun. I have shot a 52 minutes episode for the "Impossible Buildings" Series among other shootings. Do I still have mud behind my ears ;) ?

DOK Leipzig, Asian Side of the Doc, Crossing Borders

In the meantime I have been pitching my two new documentary projects which I direct. They have both been part of EDN's and Documentary Campus crossing borders program. I have pitched at DOK Leipzig, as well at the Asian Side of the Doc in Bangkok. Stay tuned!

Documentaries for ARD, NDR, ORF, Phoenix, MDR, DFL, DW, TV5, Channel4

I really enjoyed many documentary shootings with absolutely exciting stories this year. It was a pleasure to capture them. The shootings were all over Asia for various TV Channels such as ARD, NDR, ORF, Phoenix, MDR, DFL, DW, TV5, Channel4 and others. Among them was a 45 minutes ARD documentary about the international car industry, a 45 minutes documentary for ARD about the Chinese Wall, many stories for "Länder, Menschen, Abenteuer", a story for the culture slot for DW about German/Chinese architecture and many more...

Video/Performance Art with Lisa Roet and Shen Shaomin

Furthermore I have been shooting for an Australian/Chinese video Art project of Lisa Roet and Shen Shaomin where people were turned into monkeys with hypnosis. It was exhibited at the Adelaide Festival in Australia and will be exhibited K11 in Hong Kong! Check out a video of the exhibition.

Time for more fiction

I was fortunate to shoot the Chinese Fiction Film "Ete le plus long" in summer 2016. It's a romantic story where dream and reality blur together. Stay tuned for its release early 2017!

Peninsula Hotel - Oriental Series

For Peninsula Hotel's Oriental Series I have shot with Zhang Yimou and the Peninsula Beijing.

June,  2015 - Paris, France

I checked out the cross video days in Paris to see what the future of story telling might bring and to pitch a crossmedia project.

January,  2015 - Gothenburg, Sweden

Parallel to the Gothenburg Film Festival, the great Oscar nominated DOP Dick Pope gave a masterclass. It was great to see how he works and how he paints with light in reality.

November,  2014 - Guangzhuo, China

I felt very honored to be one of the tutors for this years DOCROADS workshop at the Guanghzuo Documentary Film Festival.  DOCROADS is a uniquely new training initiative for international coproductions. For one week 30 participants took part in this extensive training session and produced two ready to pitch documentary topics. I covered the  lecture about DP work for documentary productions and guided them during their postproduction of their teasers.

August,  2014 - Beijing, China

I shot for BBC's "One World - Innovation China".

China, Japan, USA

I am the Art Director of a documentary series(5x45mins) for CCTV10, Louis Vuitton, 20 more TV Channels and 5 online platforms. Each episode tells the story of the lives of 5 outstanding women.

I am also the director and DoP of the Episode with and about Yayoi Kusama.

March 2014 - China

I filmed a funny music video for China celeb Mike Sui.

Check it out here: LINK

Summer 2013 - San Francisco, USA

I filmed and directed a fun interactive music video for the band Future Twin. Coooooolooooooors!

Interview - member of the month

I feel honored to be member of the month of the European Documentary Network.

Here's the interview: LINK

February 2013 - Arte

The 90 minutes documentary "Yakuza" will be screened on Arte. 26th of February at 20:15, 7th of March at 0:50 and 15th of March at 9:55. I was the DP.

September 2012 - Seoul, Korea

"Dreams without a home" got selected for this years "crossing borders" programm. A cooperation of EDN and "documentary campus". I could learn a lot and the project could make some huge steps forward.

August 2012 - Thailand

I finally had a chance to go back to the landfill again. And sadly, the situation now is even worse than it was before. If the people on the landfill cannot find work at the recycling factory or the trash trucks, they hardly have a chance to earn income. Collecting trash on the landfill is now forbidden for them because of new factory policies. Also the rainy season has been heavier than normal this year and some dwellings have washed away as others have fallen apart. It is nearly impossible to stay dry in these make-shift shelters. I continued filming but more importantly, I was able to organize rice deliveries and donate supplies to fix the damaged shelters. Furthermore I am in the works to set up projects to help the children focus on their education goals for a better chance to rise out of their dire poverty. PLEASE KEEP ON SUPPORTING "DREAMS WITHOUT A HOME"!!

April 2012 - ZDF

ZDF broadcast the "Radioactive Detectives". I was one of the DPs. Shooting was in fascinating New Mexico.

19th-22nd of April 2012 - Aljazeera Documentary Festival

"The Unseen" will be screened at the 8th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival. I am more than happy with my film being part of this festival.

March 2012 - Cannes

"MIPdoc is where key international buyers, sellers, producers and commissioners of documentary and factual programmes screen new content and do business."

The documentary series "Adventure Ocean Quest" and "Animal River Challenge" are among the top 30 most screened programmes at the latest MIPdoc. The MIPdoc2011 had 27097 screenings and 1399 programmes. I was the DOP of both series.

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