selected projects:



"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" - 86mins, Director, DOP

WINNER Audience Award - Visions du Reel Festival


"Secrets of the Ocean Tribes" - 3x52mins, DOP

National Geographic Channel

"Fortune Series - Xuzhou" - 52 mins, DOP

Discovery Channel

"Impossible Buildings" - 52 mins, DOP

Discovery Channel

"BBC - Planet Earth 2" - making of -  DOP


"Lang Lang" 52mins, Director Beijing crew

Red Bull


"Länder, Menschen, Abenteuer - Die chinesiche Mauer" 45mins, DOP



"Our World - Innovation China " 1x26mins, DOP


"The Way of the Muses" 5x45mins, Documentary series, Art Director, Episode director, DOP
CCTV10, Louis Vuitton, 20 more TV Channels, 5 online platforms


"Dreams without a home" Documentary, HD, Producer, Director, DOP


"Yakuza" 90 mins, documentary, DOP, 4K
Arte, ZDF Enterprises


"Radioactive Detectives" 52mins, Documentary, DOP, 4K
ZDF, ZDF Enterprises


"The Unseen " 45mins, Documentary, HD, Producer, Director, DOP
CBC, Ananey Channels

“Adventure Ocean-Quest” 5x52mins, 1x90mins, 1x90 mins 3D, HD, DOP
Arte, Rai, Servus TV, ZDF Enterprises, etc.
      “Great White Sharks of Guadalupe” 52 mins, Documentary, HD
      “The Whales of Rurutu” 52 mins, Documentary, HD
      “24 Hours at the Reef” 52 mins, Documentary, HD
      “The Sharks of French Polynesia” 52 mins, Documentary, HD
      “Fragile Mediterranean” 52 mins, Documentary, HD


“In Search of Good Food” 60 mins, Documentary, HDV, DOP, EDITOR
Independent Movie San Francisco


“Animal River Challenge - Day of the Caiman” 52 mins, Documentary, HD, DOP
Arte, Phoenix
, etc.

“Animal River Challenge - Eye of the Eagle” 52 mins Documentary, HD, DOP
Arte, Phoenix
, etc.


"Opera Rebels" 18mins, DOP, Director HD





Louis Vuitton, Google, Chaumet, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, VW, BMW, Fonterra, Huawei, Airbnb, Proctor&Gamble, EADS, Intel, MBeats, Alibaba, Adidas, Red Bull, Ford, Fedex, Deutsche Bank, Alston, Hitachi, Ikea, T-Online, SAP, Jaguar, WWF, Wildair, Omega, Lenovo etc.