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Sascha Schöberl

Cinematographer. Director.

Visuals always came naturally to me. In my teens, I filled countless film rolls and shot my hitchhiking road trips. My love for creating gave me my drive. Exciting visuals and authentic stories have been the fuel for my passion.

I earned my degree in Filmmaking Arts and started freelancing very soon after. Initially, I edited numerous TV shows, but I also began organically creating more and more documentaries. Soon, I started DPing and directing long TV series such as "Adventure Ocean Quest" (5x52mins) or a 90-minute documentary about the Yakuza in Japan. Simultaneously, my career shifted to include more corporate and commercial work as a lighting DP. My corporate and commercial works include clients like Porsche, Mercedes, Google, OnePlus, etc. My projects have taken me to all corners of the world. My documentary work scope also expanded significantly, including wildlife work, adventure documentaries such as "Extreme China" (44mins) or "Secrets of the Ocean Tribe" (3x44mins) for the National Geographic Channel, and a cinema verite style 86-minute documentary, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall." among plenty others. Being in the industry for such a long time, I have loads of exciting productions under my belt, which I often like to recall in my memories.

Along my way, I've won several awards, such as an Emmy, the Audience Award in Vision du Réel, 3 Golden Bell Awards, a National Asian Creative Academy Award, and others.

I enjoy being in the ocean and the forest and staying loyal to what made me start all this:

my passion for creating.



Emmy Award

NBC Winter Olympics 2022

 Visions du Reel, Nyon

Audience Award / Best Feature Film

For “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”.

3xGolden Bell Awards 

For “Secrets of the Ocean Tribe”- Series


Asian Academy Creative Award Taiwan

For “Secrets of the Ocean Tribe”- Series

Best Feature Film

Marseille World underwater Film Festival

For “Great White Sharks of Guadalupe"

Palme d’or  prix du President de la Republique

For “Great White Sharks of Guadalupe"

 Honourable Mention

 Montana Wildlife Film Festival

For “Great White Sharks of Guadalupe"

 Bronze Stork

Festival International du Film  Animalier et de l’environnement

For “Great White Sharks of Guadalupe"

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